International patients at Helios

We offer our patients from all over the world proven medical quality as well as individual and modern care services. German healthcare is known as one of the best worldwide.

Every year, we at Helios treat more than 5.6 million patients and operate 89 acute care hospitals and six prevention centers only across Germany. In addition, we collaborate with our sister company to offer easy access to 17 Fresenius Vamed rehabilitation centers - thus providing first-class patient care in prevention, acute care medicine and rehabilitation from a single source.

Naturally all our facilities offer equipment of the latest generation, gentle treatment procedures and highly qualified doctor and nursing teams.  

Our medical experts are internationally especially renowned in the fields of:  

  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiology
  • Pediatrics  

For international patients

Are you looking for the best Experts for your condition? Our multilingual international office is happy to assist you in contacting the best medical specialists and organizes your treatment in Germany. Our top priority is that you feel comfortable and well-advised.

More Information for Patients (in English and Russian)    

For international partners:

Are you interested in a cooperation with Helios? For an integrated care and easy coordination, we cooperate with external institutions, especially health insurances worldwide. We guarantee cost effective and sustainable healthcare for your clients. Also, we are constantly looking for collaborations with local pre- and aftercare facilities to assure continuous treatment of our patients.

We have caught your interest? Please contact our international office: