Creating healthcare platforms worldwide

Based on our extensive expertise and know how we seek to ensure high quality, efficient and patient focused healthcare, locally as well as within an international environment. For this purpose Helios Health was founded in 2017.

Helios Health combines Helios Germany (Helios Kliniken)  and Helios Spain (Quirónsalud in Spain) and bundles cooporations with other Fresenius business segments  such as Fresenius Vamed, Fresenius Kabi and Fresenius Medical Care.

We are constantly looking for further growth opportunities and aim to facilitate know how exchange between healthcare providers and systems worldwide.

Our focus is people. Here you get to know, what makes us unique. | Video: Helios

We focus on acute care and near acute care activities in a structural framework that we can develop and advance based on our expertise and experience. In addition, we seek to provide cross-sectoral integrated patient care connecting in inpatient and outpatient care in the best suitable way for our patients. This promotes coordinated treatment and care pathways, reduced length of hospital stays and faster recovery of our patients.

In line with our international growth strategy we are not interested in the acquisition of single / stand-alone hospitals but rather in the integration of  hospital groups or medical center chains in order to create and develop healthcare platforms. We also cooperate with the other Fresenius business segments being active in healthcare in over 100 countries worldwide.

We usually aim for a sole shareholder position or to acquire a controlling stake to assume full responsibility for the operating business.

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